Chiara Dondi is a film photographer based in northen Italy.
Interested in painting since she was a little child, during the academic years in Florence she has discovered photography.
All of her production tries to combine film photography with her past as a painter.
After the development every photo is carefully hand-painted with watercolors.

“La fotografa italiana Chiara Dondi incarna la figura dell’artista dei tempi passati. Il suo desiderio è quello di infondere ai suoi lavori uno charme dai toni vintage; il suo linguaggio visivo peraltro rimane vicino alla realtà contemporanea nella scelta delle sue muse”Lomography Italia, November 2018

“Dondi’s personal approach, depicted both female forms as well as the feminine gaze back at the viewer, are visual clues to the artist interest in this exploration and I’m curious to see how this develops in her work going forward. “Blue Mitchell, Poignant Portfolio no.4, May 2018

“One can imagine her listening to classical music and new wave — the soundtrack of her analogue grind. Chiara’s process is to shoot in black and white film and add color by painting them on hand, a method and work process in which Chiara described that this is how the painter in her manifests through photography. “, January 2018